A La Carte

I feel very safe leaving my baby with them. They do a great job and make her feel very special! As a matter of fact they are sooo good that I drive all the way from Morganton to bring my baby here. Thank you all for making it such a positive experience! ~Shannon

All a la carte prices are in addition to the Essentials grooming package. Price ranges are based on size. See our Spa Packages page for extra savings!

FURminator Shedless Treatment ~ $18-48

This treatment is a thirteen-step process using the FURminator shampoo, solution, and tools. After the first treatment, expect shedding to be reduced by 75%! If shedless treatment is done on a regular schedule (every 4 weeks or less), we can reduce your pet's shedding by up to 95%. 

Soothing Mud Massage ~ $18-48

Madra Mór Soothing Mud combats dry skin, itching, and hot spots using mineral-rich clay infused with colloidal oatmeal, organic aloe vera, Vitamin E, and relaxing essential oils. It promotes healthy cell regeneration, eases irritation, and hydrates dry skin. Applied with a relaxing ten-minute massage.

Mobility Mud Massage ~ $18-48

Madra Mór Mobility Mud gently soothes aches and pains for the active or arthritic pet. Hypoallergenic clay is infused with peppermint and menthol for cold therapy to ease minor aches and muscle soreness. This treatment increases blood flow and flushes toxins from the system. Applied with a relaxing ten-minute massage.

Fortifying Mud Massage ~ $18-48

Madra Mór Fortifying Mud is a medicinal clay blend with diatomaceous earth and softening essential oils to detoxify and strengthen the skin and coat. It naturally kills parasites, soothes insect bites, and softens the coat to make de-matting a more comfortable experience. Applied with a relaxing ten-minute massage.

Color Accents ~ $23+

Color is a great way to express your dog's personality! We offer O’Pawz semi-permanent color accents in Pumpkin Orange, Bubble Gum Pink, Flash Yellow, Hawaii Blue, Kelly Green, Shocking Pink, and Dahlia Purple. Expect color accents to last 6+ weeks.

Nutrient Masque ~ $10-20

No. 52 Nutrient Masque by Isle of Dogs is a 100% natural deep-conditioning treatment that restores body and strength to all types of hair, reducing breakage. Wheat proteins and vitamin-rich botanicals impart natural beauty and promote coat health.

Relaxing & Healing Salt Wrap ~ $10-20

Organic rose petals, lemongrass leaves, and skullcap root in a blend of sea salts help boost your pet’s immune system and relieve achy and fatigued muscles. Also effective in treating excitability and anxiety. Applied with a warm towel wrap.

Soothing & Cleansing Salt Wrap ~ $10-20

Cornflower and calendula in a blend of sea salts help relieve itching and skin irritations, open the pores to stimulate absorption, and alleviate muscle pain and tension. Also pulls impurities from the skin, so it is perfect for dogs with blemishes or overly oily skin. Applied with a warm towel wrap.

Herbal Rinse ~ $10

Our Herbal Rinse is blended by hand in-house to relieve dry, itchy skin with the potent flowers of lavender, calendula, and chamomile. This is an excellent choice for mild allergies or itching from anxiety, as it is both calming and healing.

Refreshing Facial ~ $7

Tropiclean Spa ultra-thick white tea and milk thistle cleanser is applied with a gentle massage to your pet's face and ears, helping him to relax and lightening facial stains while leaving an extra-fresh scent. This treatment is perfect for dogs who have excessive facial odor or eye discharge.

Premium Accessories ~ $7

Funky feather extensions, patterned or bling bowties and neckties, Bardell Bows premium collar bows, pixie bows, and fascinators are always available. Also ask about our seasonal options!