Daycare & Boarding

Rachel and her team go above and beyond with care. Can't say enough good things!! ~ AnnaBeth


Pawsitivity Pet Spa offers the only Tiny Dog Daycare in Asheville! We have two rooms devoted to dogs 20 lbs and under. We separate our tiny clients into low-energy and high-energy play groups. 

All dogs in daycare get regular potty breaks, outdoor time (weather permitting) in our private play yard, access to water, and supervision from a daycare staff member at all times. The daycare experience is complete with cuddle time, treats (as allowed), and all the toys and playtime your dog can hope for.

Dogs have been proven to exhibit intelligence around the level of a 3- to 4-year-old child. We believe it is both appropriate and necessary to give them the same attention and respect as we offer to children. Like human daycare, Tiny Dog Daycare gives our pet clients the opportunity to socialize and play. This gives an outlet for energy, which helps eliminate nervous tension that can cause destructive behavior.

We limit the size of enrolled dogs in order to give smaller dogs the opportunity to play with others in their size group. This limits the risk of injury, and helps them be more comfortable and confident because it removes the intimidation factor. 

For larger dogs, we offer convenience care in the spa at $5 an hour as an addition to styling and spa services. Because space is limited, we will need advance notice to add daycare to spa services. 

To be eligible for daycare, all dogs must pass a preliminary temperament test. In the event that a dog exhibits unacceptable or injurious behavior, we reserve the right to immediately remove them from the play space. All pets enrolled in Pawsitivity daycare must be spayed or neutered.


Tiny Dog Daycare Rates

1-3 hours: 5.00 an hour                                                                                                                                                 

Half Day (4 hours): 18.00                                                                                                                                             

Full Day (5+ hours): 28.00



Pawsitivity Pet Spa believes strongly in making every experience in our facility a positive one. Our overnight guests receive the same care as our daycare guests, and love the slumber party style sleeping arrangements! As part of our evening turn down service all of our guests get an evening treat, extra cuddle time and everyones favorite part is bedtime stories!  We have one of our highly trained and CPR certified attendants on site with the pets 24 hours a day. During the day our overnight guests enjoy complimentary daycare. A kennel free co-mingling environment with constant supervision and free run in our daycare space helps our guests stay relaxed and feel at home. We use aromatherapy, Adaptil pheremon diffusers and T-wrap compression therapy to reduce anxiety, and Rescue Remedyis used as needed. We also offer CBD treats available for 3.00


Tiny Dog Slumber Party Rates

1 Guest: 60.00 a night

Every additional family member: 45.00 a night