About Us

Our mission is to create a strong relationship built on trust by providing a truly comfortable experience for every canine client.

About The Spa

At Pawsitivity Pet Spa, we believe:

         ~ That dogs are sentient beings, with similar intelligence and needs to a 2- to 4-year-old child.
         ~ That every worker deserves the right to a minimum salary of living wage, and we encourage tipping for excellent work.
         ~ That dogs have a right to set boundaries.
         ~ That respecting each staff member's right to self-expression, including personal style, gender identity, and cultural heritage, is imperative.
         ~ That it is our responsibility to learn dogs' language, and communicate with them in a way they understand.
         ~ That we keep excellent staff by maintaining an environment where each staff member has the right to set boundaries, pursue their passions, and work in a positive, encouraging atmosphere.
         ~ That while all dogs have similarities, there are also distinct differences between breeds and personalities, and these are essential to understanding each individual dog.
         ~ That a job well done is worth paying for. We believe in providing exceptional customer service and quality work, and we charge accordingly.
         ~ That while grooming is necessary, a commitment to a dog's overall well-being is more important than vanity.
         ~ That every dog and staff member has a right to a safe and clean environment.
         ~ That providing as calm and comfortable a space as possible for each canine guest is our top priority. We use the best relief techniques available to help reduce stress and discomfort for dogs.
         ~ That our products, services, and techniques should be individualized to serve the needs of each canine guest.

Olivia Glynn ~ Owner and Stylist

(formerly Rachel Ackerman)

As the founder of Pawsitivity Pet Spa, I would like to personally invite your pet for a spa day! I have been working in pet salon settings since 2005. I was first certified in 2006 and I continue to take courses to improve my skills and stay abreast of current trends.

Through my experience working for privately-owned and corporate grooming salons, I became aware that most of the stress associated with grooming is caused by improper groomer education and by some standard grooming procedures, such as long kenneled waiting and drying periods. In 2014 I created Pawsitivity Pet Spa as an alternative to the typical grooming experience, with the goal of offering the same level of quality and comfort as is expected in the human spa industry.

Pawsitivity Pet Spa is not just my job; it is my passion. I believe that grooming my customers’ four-legged family members is a privilege, and I take pride in my ability to bring out the beauty in each individual dog. I am thankful for the unconditional love that dogs give us, and am honored to know that I am making a difference in the life of each dog I work with. 

I specialize in working with anxious pets, particularly in rehabilitating dogs who have fear issues around grooming. Since the time that we opened, I have built a reputation for being able to work with dogs who have severe anxiety about being groomed or being separated from their parents. The most rewarding part of my job is being able to work dogs past their fears. I love building a relationship of trust so that they can learn to love coming for a spa day!

Kristyn Maresca ~ Stylist

I have been grooming since 2015 after working as a bather since 2009. I absolutely love it! My favorite dog breed to groom is Doodles, because they have such fun, easygoing personalities. I also enjoy their fluffy, huggable haircut style -- making them look like Muppet puppies instead of poodles! When not grooming, my hobbies include gardening, hiking, and crocheting. I keep chickens and I love them! My favorite food is all kinds of vegetables; I would pick them over meat or carbs any day, and I am mostly vegan other than my chickens’ eggs. I love working at Pawsitivity because of our focus on making it a good experience for dogs. I came from a corporate grooming background, and I have been thrilled to be here. I love that the work environment focuses on the dogs’ well-being and on giving them a good experience.

Elena Rivera ~ Stylist

I have been grooming since 2017 and worked as a bather in a salon setting since 2012. When I was 18, my older sister had already made a name for herself in our hometown as a talented groomer. I begged her for a job in her salon and was hired at 19. I’ve been working with dogs ever since, and have always had a passion and love for them. I love researching breeds and their show-standard trims, but what I love most is making dogs look purely and undeniably cute! I have a degree in illustration, and outside of work, I enjoy making fantasy art and playing video games with my husband. I lean toward the creative aspects of the grooming field, which is why Asian Fusion is one of my all-time favorite styles of grooming. Whether it’s a perfect round teddy bear head or a touch of color, making dogs show off their natural beauty with some fun creativity is my forte! If I’m your stylist, know that your family member will be well taken care of, and will look fabulous to top it off! 

Nicole Deemer ~ Daycare Coordinator

I get to make sure your babies feel safe and loved while you are at work or on vacation. I have helped in different areas of Pawsitivity since 2017, and happily ended up in daycare and boarding. Along with my dog daycare training, I have also worked as an Early Childhood Daycare Teacher. This combination of training helps bring a different approach to our daycare rooms, since studies have shown that dogs have the same intelligence of a child ages 2-4. In my free time, I love spending time with my pack! I am a loving mom and enjoy family hikes with the kids, and of course our dog Dobby. My favorite small dog to work with is Yorkies; terriers are the best, especially because of their larger-than-life attitude and belief in themselves! I enjoy working at Pawsitivity because we take a holistic approach. We pay attention to all aspects of the dog, not just one thing or the other; we’re looking at the whole picture, and we treat them like sentient beings.

Summer Rushing ~ Bathing Technician

I have been at Pawsitivity since 2019, after working in customer service for 6 years. I was offered this job after providing customer service for Olivia in a retail setting! Outside of work, I’m a homemaker and full-time mom to a young son. I love taking care of my family more than anything. I love pitbulls for their hearts of gold, and I own one named Hank. My favorite thing about Pawsitivity is being around the dogs with no kennels! It’s really nice to be able to see them comfortable and playing, so I can get to know their personalities. My favorite spa package to give is Mobility Mud for elderly dogs, because I can tell it helps them feel better. I find helping anxious pets feel comfortable, especially on their first visit, the most rewarding thing about my job. I also enjoy building great relationships with pet owners! I spend a lot of time at the front desk, especially in the mornings, so you will most likely meet me first when you bring your dog in!