About Us

Our mission is to create a strong relationship built on trust by providing a truly comfortable experience for every canine client.

About The Spa

Pawsitivity Pet Spa is a holistic, appointment-only grooming salon. Our goal is to provide the ultimate level of care and connection with our pet clients. We do this by providing one-on-one, straight-through grooming services in a calm environment where they have the ability to relax and trust their stylist.

Pawsitivity offers all-inclusive grooming: our essentials package includes everything your pet needs for a standard styling appointment, in one packaged price. We offer additional spa services for specific skin and coat conditions, reducing anxiety and nerves, and just to pamper your pet.

Our focus is ensuring that each client has a safe, confident, and fun experience with us in the spa. We provide an entirely kennel-free styling experience with the option of adding daycare to accommodate our customers’ schedules. We utilize soft music, diffused and topical aromatherapy, and diffused calming pheromones to promote relaxation. Pawsitivity has an intimate and open environment where styling procedures can be viewed at all times, so you can be confident your pet is in capable and loving hands.

Rachel Ackerman, Owner

As the founder of Pawsitivity Pet Spa, I would like to personally invite your pet for a spa day! I have been working in pet salon settings since 2005, and I take pride in my ability to bring out the beauty in each individual dog. I was first certified in 2006 and continue to take courses to improve my skills and stay abreast of current trends.

Through my experience working for a variety of privately-owned and corporate grooming salons, I became aware that most of the stress associated with grooming is caused by improper groomer education and by some standard grooming procedures, such as long kenneled waiting and drying periods. In 2014 I created Pawsitivity Pet Spa as an alternative to the typical grooming experience, with the goal of offering the same level of quality and comfort as is expected in the human spa industry.

I have had years of training and experience, but what sets me apart is that Pawsitivity Pet Spa is not just my job; it is my passion. I believe that grooming my customers’ four-legged family members is a privilege. I am thankful for the unconditional love that dogs provide for us, I am honored every day to know that I am making a difference in the life of every dog that enters my doors. Please stop by and meet me, and introduce your dog to a true pet spa experience! If you would like to contact me directly to tell me about your experience at the spa, please email me at (Please enable JavaScript to view this email address).